Hi! I am Hanna.

Originally from Odesa Ukraine, I grew up surrounded by beautiful

architecture and inspiring sea waves.

I've followed my heart and moved to the US a while back, that's where I live now.

At heart, I place value on connection with people and travels. I often take trips to new places. Nothing compares to a day in the foreign world, conversation with a new friend.

I use top-of-line Sony Cameras & professional-grade lenses to document the most romantic stories of yours.

More about Me

Romantic Optimist who adores spending time with my loved ones, watching sunrises, good movie nights, visits to art galleries, theaters, and happiest while dancing or singing karaoke.

You can often find me at my backyard in a cozy chair with a book, or oil painting, watching deers passing by in the park behind my house.

creating the experience that you will enjoy and remember

every single time you look at your images


Justin & Chelsea

“Hanna knows how to work with people to set them at ease and make them comfortable in order to capture natural intimate moments. Fantastic for anyone who thinks “I don’t know how to pose” or “I never look good in photos..” posing people naturally and in a flattering way that pops on screen is an art that Hanna knows well. That plus her creative eye and technical knowledge will always guarantee that you’ll get something fresh, modern, and stunning every time. First time client of hers. Will be back for more!”

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