Each Love Story

is so unique and romantic. Little details that twist our lives in one way or the other. Being storyteller and a very romantic couple photographer, I find it crucial to show an honest story of each couple through the images. I feel that sometimes the Love Story Photoshoot is almost like a love therapy as the moments partners spend with each other during the session are so intimate, intense, full of passion.

There is always a moment in the photo session when the couple start reminiscing all the incredible craziness they went through together to be where they are now . These two have just celebrated their anniversary and it was absolutely a fantastic time for them to fire their feelings up with a spicy session they had in Downtown of Springfield Missouri. I am thankful to Kingdom Coffee for letting us take some hot shots at their cozy coffee shop!

Chelsea has shared their amazing story with me, it gives me chills every time I read it.

Scroll down to read their path of happily Ever After .

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" I was in the middle of going through a divorce when I officially met Justin through a job (he was the photographer for a model gig I had). We found out that we had unofficially met multiple times in previous years but it was obviously not the time for us to be together. After we worked together, we had struck up such deep conversations and could not get enough of each other. We became close friends, talking daily about everything you could imagine. We tried to keep each other at arms length because Justin was moving to California for work. But that didn’t work. Even after he moved, we talked daily and he would often come back to Missouri for work and we would always hang out.

Coffee shop love story Springfield Missouri couple Photography

I have two boys from my previous marriage and they absolutely adored Justin, which made me love him even more. Justin’s work in California ended after about 5 months and we realized it was now or never; we could officially be together back at home. We got married 3 years after we met and feel like we’ve been in the honeymoon stage since. 

We’ve traveled all over, we’ve lost jobs, we’ve had very little money, we’ve had lots of money, we’ve had a very small house, now a big house, we’ve been through deaths and weddings, we’ve made friends and lost others, we’ve been through so much but we still adore one another. I’m not sure we could have gone through everything without each other."

Kingdom Coffee SGF Springfield Missouri Downtown romantic couple photoshoot

What's the secret of a happy relationship?

"Being on each other’s side. Marriage is a team, sometimes one person may need more support or may need more attention during a certain season in life. Be a team, not enemies. And make sure to be open and communicate at all times".

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