Here's your checklist if you just got engaged!

First off, congratulations! Getting engaged is huge! Soak it all in! Enjoy it! Savor every second of it! There's nothing like that amazing feeling of having your sparkling rock on your finger! Here's a few things you want to start with after you said "I will" to your loved one!

This article is helpful not only for a bride and a groom but also for a mom who wonders " my daughter just got engaged, now what?"

When should you start your wedding planning? How soon after you got engaged?

To answer this question, you should consider your wedding planning timeframe. You don't have to set the date right away, but it's a great idea to have a chat with your partner about the estimated timeframe. And, although it's super tempting to start your wedding planning right away, I highly recommend to give your partner and yourself enough time to enjoy a couple of weeks (at least) of "just being engaged". There's a ton of thoughts that might start spinning in your head, not even mentioning all the questions from your loved ones: "When is the wedding? What will you wear? Wedding theme? Are you getting married locally or having a destination wedding? How many guests will attend your big day? Is it a boutique/small wedding or a large one? etc. ..."

After your estimated timeframe is discussed, relax for a few weeks and savor that "just engaged" feeling! Take your time to explore inspirations from Pinterest, wedding magazines, wedding blogs, etc. to find perfect wedding tips and tricks before you actually start your wedding plans.

1.What is the first thing you should do after getting engaged?

This is the first question future brides ask when they are engaged; and the answer is "spread the exciting news with your family and friends" !!! You can announce your engagement in many different ways, traditionally or in a creative way.

Here's just a few examples how to announce about your engagement: in-person; by phone; post a cute photo of your couple on Facebook, Instagram, other social media that you use; changed the status on Facebook, come up with a romantic caption for your social media pages; create your own wedding website and share about your engagement there; throw a fun engagement party!

Engagement photo of a couple, Missouri

2.Decide on the Wedding Budget

As not exciting and romantic it may sound, but creating a wedding budget from the beginning of your wedding planning will help you prioritize the most important things right away and not to be disappointed later on the road. You don't want to pick a wedding venue, wedding photographer, flowers, dress, decor, food, decide on the amount of guests that will be attending your dream of a wedding and then realize you don't have the budget for it! Making decision on wedding budget will give you a better idea of what kind of wedding you should plan.

romantic photo of an engaged couple, engagement session

3.Choose the season and the location for your wedding

Once you know your budget you can decide when and where you want to get married. Choose the season, month for your wedding and start browsing ideas for your perfect wedding venue and location. May through September are usually the most expensive months for tying the knot.

4.Discuss Your Wedding Guests List

Start your wedding guest list with your immediate families. After that, think of your closest family members that you want to see in ten years after your wedding day. Next, make a list of your closest friends, you want to surround yourself with the dear people who really matter in your lives! That is a good starting point. Now, depending on your budget you may consider adding more friends and family members.

Elopement in the mountains, small wedding photo

5.Check the Venues

Depending if you are having a local wedding or a destination wedding, you can either meet the venue director in person or via zoom. Decide if you want to get ready on your wedding day, have a ceremony and reception at the same venue (which is the best logistically) or all these parts of your wedding day are going to be at the separate locations. Read the contracts before you book the venue.

6.Set the Date

Once you decide on your wedding venue, you can finally set the date for your wedding!

7.Hire a Wedding Photographer of your dreams!

Start by browsing an engagement photographer in your area and see if you like the photography style they use. Connect with them by "contact me" form or by setting up a phone consultation; ask as many questions as possible to make sure you are right fit! Tell them about your dream of a wedding, they will help you with many decisions along the wedding process. If you are not hiring a wedding planner - ask your photographer about your wedding timeline. Take engagement photos! Use them for "Save the Date" cards! Breathe! Enjoy the process! There will be a lot of questions, decisions to make but make sure you have a break once in a while and soak all the joy and fun in!

wedding photo of a dancing couple