Here's a few fun activities you can do during your party! The best part is that you can use these games for a bridal shower, a bachelorette party or an engagement party.


If there are a lot of unfamiliar faces this game will be perfect to start the party with! Each person shares three things about herself: two facts and one lie, everyone should guess which one is a fiction. Another way you can play this game is to guess two facts and a lie of little secrets about the guest and the bride. Ask each guest to remember a few fun stories with the bride and share them, don't forget to make one up!

2.Date Jar

Have each guest add an idea for a wedding couple. Let them write those on a piece of paper and add to the jar. Imagine how romantic and fun it will be when the newly weds open the jar one day and start using these ideas for their special days!

3.Tip Jar

Fill the jar with the best advice for the couple!

4.Wedding Mad Libs

Recreate the couple's love story, leave some blank spaces, without revealing the story, ask each guest to think of a funny adjective, noun, verb as outlined in the draft of the story. As soon as the blanks are filled - read the story to the crowd for some giggles!


This game is a bit similar to the previous one but with its own "twist". Prepare a pen and a piece of paper. Each guest has to add a line to "reveal" a story of how a couple met (or what did they do for their first date, how did they kiss for the first time, how did they spend their first anniversary, etc.).

The first person starts off by adding the first line to the top of the paper and then passes it to the next player, who also adds a line to unfold the story. The second player folds the first line (of the first player) and leaves only the line that she wrote and passes it to the next player. Each person has to see only the line of the previous player and the rest of the story should be folded and not seen. The beginning of the story can start like this: "Alice and Matthew met at the airport for their first date."...

After everyone added their lines -read the final story out loud. I promise, there will be a ton of happy tears from hard laughter!

6.Memory Game.

Each person receives a pen and a piece of paper where they write in a few words a funny or sweet memory with the bride (ask to share the most hilarious, ridiculous stories). Everyone has to guess who did what with the bride.

7.Do a fun activity

Do something artsy together, like: have a cooking class, flower arranging class, painting class or paint by numbers! Add some great music and bubbles!


Do you have to have games at a bridal shower, bachelorette party?

Absolutely, not! It definitely depends on the crowd: how well they all know each other. Usually, the party lasts about two to three hours, it's always great to add some activities as the party unfolds. However, don't "force" too many games, keep a few in mind just in case and play it if you feel the party needs a bit of "shaken".

How many games should you prepare for a bridal shower, bachelorette party?

There's no certain answer to this question, however, most parties have not more than five games. Sometimes, having just one great game is enough but if you have many guests who don't know each other, it is recommended to get ready with a few before the party starts and go with the flow, just watch the energy of the group. Let's face it: many of them have probably never met before and it would be awesome to add a few ice breakers to keep this party going!

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